Just when I thought that perhaps writers were struggling to come up with ideas for a good sitcom, came this hilarious sitcom about a very tricky subject – Transgender.  For years many people will have read the boy to girl stories in the papers.  In today’s world, where political correctness is the watch word, on the face of it this was going to be a tricky subject.

Back  in January 2012, an organisation “All About Trans” held an event, “Trans Camp”, involving people from the trans community and media.  The aim was to help the media provide accurate depictions of transgender people. Off the back of this, the BBC ran a talent search later the same year, the Trans Comedy Award, offering comedy writers up to £5000 for scripts with positive portrayals of transgender characters.

The BBC report that it received 320 scripts of which a script entitled “Love” this would later change to Boy Meets Girl.  A pilot episode was shown at the BBC’s Salford Sitcom Showcase in March 2014 and the show was commissioned after that.

Political correctness aside this show really worked, it’s widely reported that the BBC would love to do another series.  Making it’s BBC2 debut in 2015, Boy Meets Girl has initially ran for one series of six episodes.  The trans issues seemed (not being an expert) to be handled delicately getting the point accross with a little humour injected and there are some brilliantly funny moments, all helped by casting a trasnsgender actress (Rebecca Root) to play Judy.

Each episode seems to be broken up into small sketch like segments as it deals with the families around the central characters and their lives and how they come to terms with the relationship.  Judy’s family should get their own spin off show Janine Duvitski is absoloutely hilarious.


Set in Newcastle Upon Tyne we meet Leo who is having a bad day.  He’s  been fired (again), given a hard time by his mum and, to cap it all, his blind date fails to show up.

When he bumps into Judy, a 39 year old woman whom he finds himself suprisingly attracted to, he hits it off straight away.  However things are never straightforward and Judy has a past she was born a man, add to that the age gap and you’re in for some serious laughter.  Leo’s Mother has yet to find out about Judy’s past, she’s finding the age gap thing hard enough.



Rebecca Root – Judy
Harry Hepple – Leo
Denise Welch – Pam
Nigel Betts – Tony
Jonny Dixon – James
Janine Duvitski – Peggy
Lizzie Roper – Jackie
Vineeta Rishi – Anji


Channel: BBC2
Created By: Elliott Kerrigan
Written By:
Elliott Kerrigan 
Simon Carlyle  
Andrew Mettam
Original Transmission Dates: 3rd September 2015 – 8th October 2015

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