A Life Of Bliss

A Life Of Bliss On Radio And TV

A Life Of Bliss started life as a BBC Radio sitcom in 1953.  The show ran for one hundred and sixteen episodes and a one off short over seven series between 1953 and 1969.

In 1960 A Life Of Bliss made the jump to TV, running alongside the radio series.

However despite the success of the radio version this BBC sitcom only managed ten episodes over two series.


David Bliss is a gullible young bachelor prone to verbal gaffes and jumping to incorrect conclusions.


These come from the radio series.






David Tomlinson – David Bliss (series 1)
George Cole – David Bliss (series 2 onwards)


George Cole – David Bliss


Channel: BBC Radio Home Service, BBC Radio 4, BBC1
Written By: Godfrey Harrison
Original Transmission Dates
Radio: 29th July 1953 – 3rd March 1969
Television: 21st January 1960 – 19th April 1961