Are We Running Out Of Ideas For TV ?

Part 1 – Drama and Kids

Or Does It Prove The Old Ones Are The Best?

It feels that we are in the grip of re-makes and comebacks of classic TV shows.  From Drama to Sci-Fi through to classic comedy.  Even The Generation Game finally got a comeback, even if it was short lived, but the least said about that the better.

The number of times I get told people aren’t interested in old TV, concentrate on the new shows.  We live in an age of multi channel TV, much of it subscription based, where at the present moment Drama is king.

There are a huge variety of new style comedy shows appearing on the UKTV network.  From panel shows such as ‘Hypothetical’ to one off comedies such as ‘The Cruise’.  Despite this the news is full of stories of re-makes.

Perhaps these comebacks are building on the success of Doctor Who



That returned to TV screens in 2006.



And we’ve had Crackerjack





There’s been the return of Paddington

Ben Whishaw returned to voice Paddington Bear for a new animated TV series for Nickelodeon.



The original TV series aired in the 1970’s on BBC1.  Since then there have been two animated versions. Both 2D animation one in 1989 from those cult animators Hanna Barbera and one in 1997.

Of course there have been the two hugely successful films.

Even old Worzel Gummidge has had a re-boot



Coming up in Part 2

We look at sitcoms, is it really a good idea to re-make classics, especially when so many were so controversial?




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