Benny Hill’s World Tour, New York, 1991

It’s hard to  believe that it’s almost 30 years since Benny Hill died and almost made a comeback and it’s 30 years since his last TV work.

In 1989 Thames had cancelled The Benny Hill Show and effectively the comedian disappeared from our screens after almost four decades.  However in the USA Hill would make one last TV show; Benny Hill’s World Tour, New York.

A one off special recorded and broadcast in the USA.  It was finally shown in the UK in 1994


A USA version of his classic ITV sketch show.

Highlights included: A Streetcar Named Desirée” (a Tennessee Williams takeoff) and a spoof of “Ask Dr. Ruth” (where he impersonated Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Roseanne).








Benny Hill
Henry McGee
Anna Dawson
Bob Todd


Channel: USA Network, ITV
Written By: Benny Hill
Original Transmission Date: 30th May 1991 (USA), 12th April 1994 (UK)

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