Blackadder – The Missing Bits ?

Blackadder – The Missing Bits

So you thought if you’d seen all four series of Blackadder, the Comic Relief sketch and Back and Forth you’d seen all of the classic series.  Think again we’ve dug up some sketches with a Royal seal of approval you might say.

The King’s Birthday, 12th January 1998

In a special sketch for the Prince’s Trust, we go back to the time of King Charles II.  Here we find an unenthusiastic Blackadder having to make arrangements for The King’s Birthday.

The sketch was televised on ITV on 14th January 1998.




Blackadder – The Army Years – 19th October 2000

Written by: Ben Elton this short  monologue was performed for the 2000 Royal Variety Performance.  This time we meet Lord Edmund Blackadder of Her Royal Highness’s regiment of Shirkers, offering a proposal to restore England’s glory by invading France.




The Jubilee Girl – 29th December 2002

Written By Richard Curtis, The Jubilee Girl was a BBC special about the making of the Party At The Palace, a concert held on the grounds of Buckingham Palace for Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

The concert had been reluctantly announced on the BBC by Sir Osmond Darling-Blackadder, Keeper of the Royal Lawn Sprinklers, and while he does not appear in connection with the actual concert, he makes a few brief appearances in The Jubilee Girl to provide a humouristic note




We Are Most Amused, 28th September 2012

On stage again in a short sketch written by Ben Elton for The Prince’s Trust.  This time round Blackadder is now the Chief Executive of a bailed out bank.  To date as far as we know this was the character’s final appearance.




The Bloopers


Starring: Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder

Will There Ever Be A Series 5 ?

Sir Tony Robinson said he thought a fifth series could be made, despite the original cast having very busy schedules.  Rowan Atkinson spoke in recent times of how years ago there was an idea for a series set during the Russian Revolution, called Redadder, but plans went “nowhere”.

However writer Richard Curtis has gone on record as saying “Blackadder is a very, very complicated group of people and so if you are fond enough of the series to wish that the people involved in it should live to a ripe old age then I think it is best that we don’t work together, that’s the answer,” Curtis said.