UKTV GOLD have advised us of a fascinating new series about the legendary comedian Bob Monkhouse.  Instead of the usual biographies GOLD have commissioned a real gem.  Over the years much has been said and written about Bob Monkhouse’s famous joke books now we are finally going to get a real good look.  GOLD’s press release reads:

Over the course of a comedy career spanning six decades, comedian, game show host and all round showbiz genius Bob Monkhouse meticulously catalogued thousands upon thousands of jokes in sixteen beautifully handwritten and illustrated volumes. Grouped together by subject and listed in alphabetical order, these were Bob’s essential working tools, enabling him to stay at the very top of the game for his entire career. They are, quite possibly, the best, most comprehensive joke books in the world. And now, for the very first time they’ve been revealed to the public. So join Paul O’Grady and a host of famous faces to discover why Bob really was the million joke man

Bob Monkhouse: The Million Dollar Joke Man starts on GOLD,  Wednesday June 3rd  at 9PM.

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