Bread, Christmas, 1989

If you wanted to pick a feature sitcom from the 1980’s there are many you could have gone for.   However as we aproach the first anniversary of Carla Lane’s death it seemed fitting to look at Bread, Carla’s personal favourite from her work.

We approached Carl Hollins, Carla’s Son and asked if he had a personal favourite piece of her work.  He too came back with Bread.  so we’ll let Carl introduce this post.

“I’ve picked this particular episode of Bread, the 1989 Xmas special , series 5, episode 14.  It has particular fond memories because all of Carla’s grand children where singing in the closing scene.  I think the most expensive production to that point, not sure if Paul and Linda Mc Cartney where in it too.

Pretty spectacular finish considering there where no drones in those days.”


25th Dec 1989 – Joey tries to help out when Shifty’s released from prison, Billy’s left facing the anger of the family when the Christmas presents are stolen from under the tree.





Jean Boht  –  Nellie Boswell
Ronald Forfar   – Freddie Boswell
Graham Bickley  –  Joey Boswell
Victor McGuire  – Jack Boswell
Jonathan Morris  –  Adrian Boswell
Melanie Hill  – Aveline Boswell
Nick Conway  –  Billy Boswell
Kenneth Waller  –  Grandad
Bryan Murray  –  Cousin Shifty
Pamela Power  –  Martina


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Carla lane
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1989

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