The Ken Dodd Laughter Show, 1979

Ken Dodd.  A showbusiness legend who made us laugh for over 60 years, that’s an achievement worth remembering, how many of today’s comics will reach this milestone?  Of course he was knighted in recognition of his long career.

Ken Dodd remains one of the all time great comedians ranking alongside Tommy Cooper, Bruce Forsyth, Bob Monkhouse to name just a few.  Sadly, like many of these great comics Ken is no longer with us, but he leaves a huge body of work behind for us to enjoy.

Ken was widely known as a live performer, with many of his shows running into record lengths.  However, in 1979 he made a rare run of TV shows.


With his trademark tickling stick, tattifilarious jokes, sketches and musical numbers, Ken guarantees a laughter-packed show!   hilariously tackling the big issues of the day as only Ken Dodd can.

There are special appearances by Miss World (though which year she won is anyone’s guess!), Captain Ken and his unruly troops, and the world’s first (and only) underwater ventriloquist!






Ken Dodd
Talfryn Thomas
The Nigel Lythgoe Dancers
The Ladybirds
Rita Webb
Rita Treadworthy
Derek Deadman
Charlie Lea


Channel: BBC1
Written By:
Norman Beedle
Ken Dodd
Frank Hughes
Produced and Directed By:
Dennis Kirkland
Original Transmission: 8th January 1979 – 12th February 1979

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