leslie phillips stars in Galton and Simpson's BBC comedy series Casanova '73

Galton And Simpson’s Casanova

Casanova ’73

This is what I love about British Classic Comedy, you get to discover shows you didn’t know about, usually quite by accident, whilst researching something else.

Thought you knew all of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson’s works, perhaps not.  Here’s a little remembered gem from 1973.

Casanova ’73 was a seven part series especially written for Leslie Phillips and inspired by “The Suit”, a 1969 pilot that aired as part of the ITV series: The Galton & Simpson Comedy.

In The Suit Phillips played Howard Butler, a philandering businessman whose clothes are stolen whilst he is in bed at his secretary’s house.

This series was produced by Harold Snoad who later went on to produce the hugely successful Keeping Up Appearances.

Casanova ’73 caught the attention of  Mary Whitehouse and others, who criticised it for its risque content.  The first three episodes had aired at 8.00pm on Thursdays, but following the criticism the programme was moved to a later time slot for it’s final four episodes which aired on Mondays at 9.25pm.

Mastermind took the Monday 8pm slot, this has often been credited for helping it to become the success it became.


Meet Henry Newhouse, he has a successful career in public relations and is happily married to Carol.

However despite his success and happy marriage he is a compulsive philander, leading a double-life.  The relationships he finds himself in usually backfire leading to farcical situations.






Leslie Phillips – Henry Newhouse
Jan Holden – Carol Newhouse


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: Harold Snoad
Original Transmission Dates: 13th September 1973 – 29th October 1973