The Magic Roundabout, 1965 (original version)

This now cult kids TV show was first created in 1963 in France by Serge Danot with help from Ivor Wood and his French wife, Josiane.  The French version began transmission in 1964 and ran until 1974.

When the BBC were first offered the show they felt it was to ‘charming’ to translate.

However in 1965 the BBC did produce a version of the series.   They used the original French footage adding new English-language scripts written and narrated by Eric Thompson.  Despite the English scripts bearing little relation to the original storylines the series was a huge success.

the Magic Roundabout was broadcast in 441 five-minute-long episodes from  1965 to 1977, was attaining cult status. When in 1967 it was moved from the slot just before the evening news to an earlier children’s viewing time, adult viewers are reported to have complained to the BBC.

There have been two Magic Roundabout films.   The first in 1970 was a spin off shown in Britain as Dougal and the Bkue Cat.  The second was a 2005 re-make.


The series followed a bunch of characters that lived in a brightly coloured park where there was a carousel.








Narrated By: Eric Thompson


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Serge Danot
Original UK Transmission Dates:  18th October 1965 – 25th January 1977


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