Ken Dodd, Bruce Forsyth, Tommy Cooper

The All Time Greats

Are These Among Britain’s All Time Greatest Entertainers?

We are still in January and already we’ve lost two music legends.  But it’s more than that these entertainers be they music or comedy are among a group of entertainers whose work is still held in high regard years, decades after they first made it.   They were among a now dwindling group of entertainers who changed the way we look at comedy and entertainment in general.

With the advent of TV they became regular faces on our TV screens throughout the 1950’s right through to their final years.

These people are admired not just by those of us who have been entertained by them over the years but by their fellow artistes.

As comedy is our brief here’s a brief selection of some of the comic legends no longer with us.  So today just enjoy looking back.










Eric and Ern step up to the plate


More from Bruce and Norman





Les Dawson has a problem with his Mother In Law


The much missed Ken Dodd




Bruce and Norman do a spot of decorating

Des O’Connor drops in on Eric and Ern