Confessions Of A Pop Performer

Confessions Of A Pop Performer, 1975

Confessions Of A Pop Performer was the second instalment in the erotic “Confessions Of A…” series of films.  Based on the original novel Confessions from the Pop Scene by Christopher Wood under the pseudonym Timothy Lea.  The novel would eventually be republished under the same title as the film.

This was the only film in the series to have a soundtrack album from the film.  Whilst successful enough at the box office the film failed to live up to the first with critics allegedly citing it as joint worst film of 1975 alongside The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


When Sidney overhears a band in his local pub he aspires to become their manager, not so ably assisted by his brother-in-law, Timmy, both who are still window cleaning for a living.

They rename the band “Kipper” and after a misfortune, Timmy joins the line-up and many sexual encounters follow as a result.

Unfortunately, Timmy’s natural talent is more mayhem than rock star and disaster ensues of mostly the semi-clothed kind.









Robin Askwith – Timothy Lea
Anthony Booth – Sidney Noggett
Bill Maynard – Mr Lea
Doris Hare – Mrs Lea
Bob Todd – Mr Barnwell
Peter Jones – Maxy Naus

Kipper Vocals

Maynard Williams


Written By: Christopher Wood
Distributed By: Columbia Pictures
Original Release Date: July 1975