Dad’s Army Joins The Fire Brigade

Dad’s Army Brain Versus Braun, 1972

By 1972 Dad’s Army was in it’s fifth series and brain Versus Braun was the tenth episode of the series.

It’s a particular stand out and very under-rated episode because it’s one of many where the platoon find themselves enthusiastically involved in training exercises using their imagination to prove their worth.

There are some great pure comic moments including Mainwaring and Hodges investigating why the fire hose isn’t working only for Hodges to get soaked as the water finally comes through.  Classic scenes from the Verger, certainly one of sitcom’s most under rated characters.  I would probably go as far to say that this particular episode is funnier than than the everybody’s favourite, The Deadly Attachment.

Brain Versus Braun was also adapted for radio.


During a local Rotary dinner whilst talking with Colonel Pritchard, Jones and Walker are hurt to discover that their platoon is being left out of exercises training a new unit of Commandos made up of various Home Guard personnel, in a scheme dreamt up by the Training Major.   When Mainwaring finds out he calls the idea a “farce”, claiming that the commandos use “brute force” rather than cunning and intellect, a notion that the others agree with.  Consequently Colonel Pritchard offers to get them involved in the exercises to let them prove their point, which they eagerly accept.

The platoon are challenged to plant a dummy bomb in the officer commanding’s office.

They disguise themselves as firemen travelling in an old fire engine, but Hodges spots a real fire and diverts the platoon off course to deal with it. Wilson and Walker then reveal their contingency plan Agent Yateman, The Verger.



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Arthur Lowe
John Le Mesurier
Clive Dunn
John Laurie
Arnold Ridley
James Beck
Ian Lavender
Bill Pertwee
Edward Sinclair


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Produced and Directed By: David Croft
Originally Transmitted: 8th December 1972