Dad’s Army Do The Catering

Dad’s Army, Turkey Dinner, 1974

“Turkey Dinner” was the sixth episode in the seventh series of the hit sitcom.  Despite it’s theme and transmission date the episode was not intended as a Christmas Special.  In fact it had originally been scheduled for broadcast on the 6th December 1974.


When Corporal Jones  section go for a quick drink in the Horse and Groom, then a few more pub stops they accidentally shoot a loose turkey.

On admitting the incident to Captain Mainwaring Jones also admits that the turkey is now plucked, stuffed and in his refrigerator.  A furious Captain Mainwaring insists that the bird be paid for so it’s off to  pay Mr Boggis, a farmer at the North Berrington Turkey Farm, the only place where the turkey could have come from, for the loss of his turkey.

However Mr Boggis is at market and the farm worker refuses to accept payment unless he can prove a turkey is actually missing.  Hilarity ensues as the platoon attempt to count the birds.

When it becomes an impossible task Captain Mainwaring decides to hold  Turkey Dinner for the local OAP’s.



Arthur Lowe
John Le Messurier
Clive Dunn
Ian Lavender
John Laurie
Arnold Ridley
Talfryn Thomas
Bill Pertwee


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Jimmy Perry and David Croft
Produced and Directed By: David Croft
Originally Transmitted: 23rd December 1974