Jo Brand Returns With A Brand New Sitcom!

Back in 2014 Satellite/Digital TV station Sky Arts decided to reprise it’s Playhouse Presents: a series of self-contained television plays (haven’t we seen this idea before, prooves you can’t beat a good idea).

Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks penned a script for what was hoped to be a pilot episode.  The script was submitted to Sky Arts,who commissioned it for the Playhouse Presents series.  However the pilot was never picked up for a series.

Never ones to give up Brand and Banks brought comedic writer Will Smith on board.  They re-developed the idea for Channel 4 who commissioned it for a series in May of this year (2016).

The six part series debuted in September.


Set in the Social Services Department of a local authority, we meet Rose and Al, two social workers battling against a tide of bureaucracy, as they deal with the absurdities of life and try to navigate their equally trying professional and personal lives.


Sky Arts



Channel 4 Series Clips and Catch Up


Jo Brand – Rose Denby
Alan Davies – Alastair Kavanagh
Kevin Eldon –  Martin Bickerstaff
Himesh Patel – Nitin
Isy Suttie – Nat
Morwenna Banks –  Ingrid


Sky Arts (Pilot)
Channel 4 (series)
Created By: Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks
Written By:
Jo Brand and Morwenna Banks (pilot)
Jo Brand, Morwenna Banks and Will Smith (series)
Production Company: What Larks Productions
Original Transmission Dates:
12th June 2014 (Pilot)
27th September – present (series)


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