Planet Of The Giants, 1964

Planet Of The Giants was the first story of Doctor Who’s second season.  It was broadcast in three weekly parts in late 1964.

An early version of this concept – by another writer C.E. Webber, simply  entitled The Giants – was originally planned as Doctor Who’s very first story.

Recorded  in the same production block as season one, a decision was made to hold it for transmission as the start of season two.

The original story was four episodes in length. Upon viewing Episodes three and four, head of Serials Donald Wilson ordered them to be spliced together in order to form a faster-paced climax that formed episode three.


When the Tardis malfunctions mid flight the doors are opened.  As the Tardis lands in contemporary England The Doctor and his companions find themselves shrunk to an inch in height.

As the travellers explore their new surroundings they discover a diabolical plot by a ruthless businessman who has developed an insecticide so powerful that it will wipe out all insect life on the planet.









William Hartnell – The Doctor
Carole Ann Ford – Susan Foreman
Jacqueline Hill – Barbera Wright
William Russell – Ian Chesteton


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Louis Marks
Script Editor: David Whittaker
Produced By: Verity Lambert
Original Transmission Dates: 31st October  – 14th November 1964


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