Doctor Who – The Ark, 1966

The fifth story in season three (and to think the show had been envisaged as running for ten weeks) and the first full story to feature Dodo as one of The Doctor’s travelling companions.

First broadcast in 1966 the story arc had two parts and ran over four weekly episodes.

At the time of writing there is some relevence to events we find ourselves in today.


Ten million years in the far distant future.  The TARDIS materialises on a large ship that Dodo nicknames “The Ark”.

The Doctor searches for a cure for a fever that starting with his companion’s ‘cold’ has spread across the human and Monoid races on board the ship, who have no immunity to it.

The last two episodes are set 700 years later, and involve the Doctor, Steven and Dodo working with the Refusian race to stop the Monoids from wiping out the last of humanity with a bomb.







William Hartnell – The Doctor
Peter Purves – Steven Taylor
Jackie Lane – Dodo Chaplet

In The Archives

The Ark is the first story in season three to still exist in it’s entirity


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Paul Erickson and Lesley Scott
Script Editor: Gerry Davis
Produced By: John Wiles
Original Transmission Dates: 5th March – 26th March 1966


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