Doctor Who – The Celestial Toymaker, 1966

The Celestial Toymaker is the sixth story in the show’s third season.  Originally broadcast in four weekly parts in 1966, it sees the Doctor and his companions pitted against a powerful adversary called the Celestial Toymaker.

William Hartnell was on holiday during the recordings of Episodes 2 & 3, “The Hall of Dolls” and “The Dancing Floor”.  The production team used pre-recordings of his voice in episode 2 and Albert Ward was a hand double (sporting the Doctor’s ring) for scenes where the mostly invisible Doctor played the Trilogic Game throughout the story.

The story was commissioned by producer John Wiles, who left the series before it was recorded after several clashes with William Hartnell.

Wiles had intended to replace Hartnell in the role of the Doctor during the story, having the character reappear in a new guise after the invisibility was removed by the Toymaker.  However Gerald Savory, the BBC’s head of serials, vetoed the idea, resulting in Wiles quitting in protest.


Somewhere outside space and time there waits the Celestial Toymaker, an enigmatic being who ensnares unwary travellers in his domain to play out his dark and deadly games.

Separated from the security of the TARDIS, the Doctor is forced to play the complex trilogic game with the evil magician. Meanwhile, Dodo and Steven must enter into a series of tests with, among others, the schoolboy Cyril and the King and Queen of Hearts.

The travellers must complete the games sucessfully if they are to win their freedom.  For in the malevolent wonderland that is the Celestial Toyroom, nothing is just for fun…






Like so many early Doctor Who stories most episodes are missing.  Only episode 4: The Final Test remains.  This an be found on the Lost In Time DVD set.


William Hartnell – The Doctor
Peter Purves – Steven Taylor
Jackie Lane – Dodo Chaplet
Michael Gough – The Celestial Toymaker


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Brian Hayes
Produced By: Innes Lloyd
Script Editor: Gerry Davies
Original Transmission Dates: 2nd – 23rd April 1966






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