Doctor Who – The Chase, 1965

The Chase, first broadcast in six weekly parts in 1965, was the eighth story in the show’s second season.

It was hoped that The Mechanoids might give the show a rival to the popularity of The Daleks.  However it seemed nothing could rival their popularity as this was the one and only appearance of The Mechanics.

The story is perhaps best noted for being the final appearance of companions Ian and Barbara, leaving only William Hartnell as the original cast member.  Jaqueline Hill would turn up some years later in Tom Baker’s final season but playing a very different character.


The Doctor and his friends find themselves being pursued by The Daleks.

The Daleks chase The Tardis across multiple planets in multiple time periods including Aridus, Earth and Mechanus, their purpose? To capture The Tardis.

The chase comes to a halt on the jungle planet Mechanus, where the Daleks try to infiltrate and kill the Doctor and his friends using a robot double of him.

As the story reaches it’s climax the Daleks and the Mechonoids engage in a fierce battle which ultimately results in their mutual destruction.   Using the battle as a distraction, the Doctor and friends seize the opportunity to escape.

As the story comes to a close The Doctor reluctantly helps Ian and Barbara to use the Daleks’ time machine to return home, bringing their time with him to a close.

As the Tardis dematerialises there is a stowaway on board…..









William Hartnell – The Doctor
Wiliam Russell – Ian Chesterton
Jaqueline Hill – Barbera Wright
Maureen O’Brien – Vicki
Peter Purves – Stephen Taylor


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Terry Nation
Produced By; Verity Lambert
Original Transmission Dates: 22nd May – 26th June 1965


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