Doctor Who – The Macra Terror, 1967

Story number seven in Patrick Troughton’s first season.  Working titles for this story included: The SpidermenThe Insect-Men and The Macras.

The Macra Terror was a four part story first broadcast in 1967, the first story to use a new opening sequence featuring The Doctor’s face.  However the theme music remained the same.


The Doctor and his companions: Ben, Poly and Jamie materialise on a human colony.  At first site it appears to be one big holiday camp, leading the travellers to think they have come across a truly happy place.  However a shadowy presence soon makes them realise that the surface contentment is carefully controlled.

The colony’s inhabitants have been brainwashed by giant, crab like creatures — the Macra.  Insidious propaganda, broadcast by the Controller, forces the humans to mine a gas that is essential for the Macra to survive, but fatal to them.

The Doctor and his friends must find a way to save the colony.











The Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Ben Jackson – Michael Craze
Polly – Anneke Wills
Jamie McCrimmon – Frazer Hines


All four episodes are missing from the BBC archives.  The original soundtrack still survives alongside photo stills and a few brief film clips.

In February 2018 work began on producing an animated version that was premiered on BBC America in December 2019.  This has since been released to DVD and is available on Britbox.


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Ian Stuart Black
Script Editor: Gerry Davis
Producer: Innes Lloyd
Directed By: John Davies
Original Transmission Dates: 11th March – 1st April 1967

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