Doctor Who – The Massacre Of St Bartholomew’s Eve, 1966

After the epic Daleks Masterplan Doctor Who returns to a four part story.

Generally known among fans as The Massacre this was the fifth story in what would be William Hartnell’s final full season.

The story marks the first appearance of Jackie Lane who played Dodo Chaplet who goes on to become The Doctor’s latest travelling companion.


When the TARDIS materialises in Paris in the year 1572, The Doctor and Steven find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Tensions between Protestants and Catholics are at fever pitch in the city.  Despite the danger, the Doctor heads off alone to visit the apothecary Charles Preslin, leaving Steven alone.

With The Doctor gone, Steven finds himself befriended by a group of Huguenots from the household of the Protestant Admiral de Coligny.

As events unfold further shock is in store for Steven, as it appears that hated Catholic dignitary, the Abbot of Amboise, is actually the Doctor in disguise. Held responsible for the failure of a plot to assassinate de Coligny, the Abbot is executed by the Catholic authorities and his body left lying in the gutter.

Re-united, The Doctor Steven and the Doctor head across the city, making it to the TARDIS just as the curfew is falling and depart as a historic massacre begins.

Steven is worried for friends he has made, and angry that the Doctor made him leave. The Doctor insists that history cannot be changed.

Unable to accept The Doctor’s reasoning Steven determines to leave.

When the TARDIS lands in 1966 onWimbledon Common, Steven offers a terse goodbye and ventures outside.

The Doctor is left totally alone for the first time.  Suddenly a young girl mistakes the TARDIS for a Police Box and enters to report a road accident. Steven follows, saying that policemen are approaching, the young woman introduces herself as Dorothea or Dodo Chaplet.







Doctor Who/Abbot of Amboise – William Hartnell
Steven Taylor – Peter Purves
Dodo Chaplet – Jackie Lane

In The Archives

None of this story still exists in the archives.  However stills and the original soundtrack still exist.


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Lucarotti and Donald Tosh
Script Editor: Donald Tosh and Gerry Davis
Produced By: John Wiles
Original Transmission Dates: 5th February – 26th February 1966







Although audio recordings and still photographs of the story exist, no footage of this serial is known to have survived.

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