Doctor Who, The Power Of The Daleks, 1966

It was a moment in television history as William Hartnell passed the mantle of Doctor Who to Patrick Troughton in a way never seen before.  In giving us that first regeneration it became a case of same person different face.

The Power Of The Daleks was the third story in the show’s fourth season.  Broadcast in six weekly episodes it not only marked Patrick Troughton’s first appearance as The Doctor but the retun of an old adversary: The Daleks.


Ben and Polly witness The doctor collapse to the TARDIS floor and change his appearance.  The man now lying on the floor sits up he seems to ignore or deliberately misunderstand direct questions, and refers to his previous self as another person.  Ben suspects he is an imposter, but Polly is willing to believe he is the Doctor.

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Polly and Ben to a colony on the swamp planet of Vulcan. Soon after arriving, the Doctor witnesses a brutal murder.

Meanwhile, in another part of the colony an ancient crashed space capsule has been discovered in the swamps.

The colony’s misguided chief scientist opens the capsule and discovers a group of strange metal ‘creatures’ inside. The creatures appear to be long dead.

The Doctor calls the metal creatures ‘Daleks’ and claims that they are incredibly dangerous…







The Doctor – Patrick Troughton
Ben Jackson – Michael Craze
Polly -Anneke Wills


None of this story currently exists in BBC archives., only the original sound recordings.  However some clips survive from various other programmes, mainly focusing upon the Daleks..  In addition some footage filmed off-air by an Australian fan onto 8mm cine film exists, showing brief moments of the new Doctor’s first moves in the TARDIS.

An animated re-construction was released in six daily parts in 2016 to coinside with the serial’s 50th anniversary.  This was followed by a DVD release.


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Whitaker (and Dennis Spooner, episode 1, uncredited)
Produced By: Innes  Lloyd
Script Editor: Gerry Davis
Original Transmission Dates: 5th November – 10th December, 1966

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