The Space Museum, 1965

The seventh story in Doctor Who’s second season was first broadcast in four weekly parts in 1965.

The first episode of this story was generally well received by critics and still is.  However the remaining three parts failed to live up to expectations.

The Space Museum is also notable for the absence of William Hartnell during episode three, he was away on holiday at the time of recording.


Exploring a museum on the planet Xeros, the travellers discover they are invisible. The Doctor deduces that the TARDIS has jumped a time track and can see their own future.








The Doctor – William Hartnell
Vicki – Maureen O’Brien
Ian Chesterton – William Russell
Barbera Wright – Jacqueline Hill


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Glyn Jones
Script Editor: Dennis Spooner
Produced By: Verity Lambert
Original Transmission Dates: 24th April – 15th May 1965

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