The Web Planet, 1965

The Web Planet was the fifth story in the second season and ran for six episodes in 1965.

By now Doctor Who was into it’s second season, far longer than the original ten episodes proposed.  The Daleks had been a massive hit with viewers cementing the show’s popularity.  It was therefore obvious that producers would look for a monster to rival The Daleks.

Although it would be season four and the introduction of The Cybermen before a rival was found, Season two produced two possible candidates.  The first was The Zarbi appearing in The Web Planet.  Regrettably The Zarbi didn’t catch on and this would be their only appearance in the show.


A strange power drain forces the TARDIS to materialise on the planet Vortis. There, the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki become involved in the plans of the butterfly-like Menoptra to reclaim their planet from the parasitic Animus that is slowly enveloping it with its web-like domain, the Carsenome.

Joining forces with an advance party of Menoptra and the underground-dwelling Optra, the travellers manage to destroy the Animus, freeing the ant-like Zarbi and death-spitting larvae guns from its control and releasing the TARDIS from its influence.







William Hartnell
Maureen O’Brien
William Russell
Jacqueline Hill


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Bill Strutton
Script Editor: Dennis Spooner
Producer: Verity Lambert
Original Transmission Dates: 13th February – 20th March 1965

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