Eric Sykes stars with Tommy Cooper and others in the likeds of sykes one of three specials made for thames tv

Eric Sykes – The Specials

Eric Sykes – The ITV Specials

One of Britain’s best loved comedy genius’.  Eric Sykes will be perhaps best remembered for his classic comedies: Sykes And A and Sykes.

There were also a number of one offs, including three one off specials he produced for Thames TV between 1971 and 1982.

During the 1970’s and early 1980’s one off specials by comedians were nothing new, many of the big names produced them for transmission often at Christmas and around the Bank Holidays.

This post looks at the three produced by Eric Sykes.


Sykes: With The Lid Off, 1971

Eric Sykes decides to take his own look at the many and varied forms of theatrical entertainment, with the help of Hattie Jacques, Dilys Watling, Leslie Noyes, Philip Gilbert and dancers The Ladybirds.

The Likes Of Sykes, 1980

Fast forward nine years and Eric is back with another all star spectacular.  This time Eric has a Walter Mitty-style dream that he will produce a star-studded spectacular on Broadway – but will his dreams die before his starry eyes? Diana Coupland and John Williams are Eric’s special guests.

The Eric Sykes 1990 Show, 1982

It’s 1982 and Eric decides to look into the future, he makes a prediction that by 1990, celebrities will have to pay for their own TV shows.

Starring in his vision of the future are Tommy Cooper, Chic Murray, Dandy Nichols, Leslie Mitchell and classical guitarist John Williams.

Cast and Details

Sykes: With The Lid Off

Eric Sykes
Hattie Jacques
Dilys Watling
Philip Gilbert
Leslie Noyes
Johnny Greenland

Written By: Eric Sykes
Produced By: David Bell
Original Transmission Date: 7th July 1971

The Likes Of Sykes

Eric Sykes
Diana Coupland
Diane Holland
Ricardo Montez
David Battley
Debbie Arnold
John Williams
Hugh Burden
John Comer

Written By: Eric Stykes
Produced and Directed By: Paul Stewart Laing
Original Transmission Date: 1st January 1980

The Eric Sykes 1990 Show

Eric Sykes
Tommy Cooper
John Williams
Dandy Nichols
Chic Murray
Henry Cooper
Leslie Mitchell

Written By: Eric Sykes
Produced and Directed By: Dennis Kirkland
Original Transmission Date: 14th April 1982

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Sykes With The Lid Off

The Likes Of Sykes

The Eric Sykes 1990 Show