Solo, 1981

After the success of The Good Life, it’s stars were household names and went on to star in their own right in other projects.  Solo was a vehicle for Felicity Kendal.

Written by Carla Lane, of Butterflies and later,Bread, fame, it ran for thirteen episodes over two series.  The character was briefly resurrected as part of a one off comic relief special in 1989.

Although a comedy, in common with Carla Lane’s Butterflies it had serious themes and plots.

In Solo Felicity Kendal plays  Gemma Palmer, a woman who changes her life after discovering her live-in boyfriend has had an affair.


When thirty-year-old Gemma Palmer discovers that her live-in boyfriend Danny Tyrrell has been having an affair with her best friend Gloria, she chucks him out her flat and quits her office job.

Realising that she was being treated as a doormat by her friends and colleagues, and gets rid of all her old friends.   Trying for a fresh start, she attempts to change herself into a stronger person, however she finds it more difficult than she thinks to change her ways, especially when her Mother has other ideas.







Felicity Kendal
Elspet Gray
Stephen Moore
Michael Howe


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Carla Lane
Produced By: Gareth Gwenlan
Original Transmission Dates: 11th January 1981 – 17th October 1982



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