Sitting in the archives of the BBC and ITV are TV shows that don’t benefit from repeats or perhaps untransmitted pilot episodes and then there are shows missing completely from the archives.

Over the next few days we’ll look at some of those shows and if it proves popular, we’ll make it a regular feature.  Some of what we feature we’ve posted on before, some you might not have heard of.  Use the comments box, social media and share any memories you might have.

We’ll start off with a post we’ve got from our archives ‘So Haunt Me’ featuring a certain member of the Trotter clan’s significant other in the cast.

Some of the shows we’ll look at over the next few days:

– An untransmitted pilot of an ITV sitcom that would cause outrage today but was huge at the time
– A popular Sunday Afternoon sitcom from Channel 4 with a catchy theme tune, never heard of today
– Think you know every sitcom set during War? But do you remember this ITV sitcom?
– Andrew Sachs famous for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers, here’s his forgotten Channel 4 sitcom.




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