Frankie’s On…1992

Throughout his career Frankie Howerd had had many revivals.  However it was towards the end of his life that he found a new following among students.

This lead to him addressing the Oxford Union in what would become known as Frankie’s On Campus.

Two years later Frankie Howard was back.  Running for four shows in 1992, Frankie’s On would be his last TV series, he died in April of that year,


Performing to select audiences Frankie Howerd performs his unique stand up routines.

Frankie’s On…Board

Frankie performs to the crew of HMS Ark Royal, whilst it’s birthed in Gibralter.

Frankie’s On …Coals

Frankie performs for the mining community in Nottinghamshire’s Cotgrave Miners Welfare centre.

Frankie’s On…Fire

Frankie performs at The Fire Training College, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.

Frankie’s On… Call

Frankie performs for the staff at Nottingham’s University Hospital, Queens Medical Centre.




Watch them all in full


Frankie Howerd


Channel: Channel 4
Writing Team:
Mark Busseell
Paul Minett
Brian Leveson
Steve Knight
Mike Whitehill
Ian Davidson
Marc Blake
John Langdon
Dennis Berson
Hugh Stuckey
Original Transmission Dates: 21st June –  12th July 1992



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