Andy Capp – 1988

Andy Capp was the famous cartoon creation of Reg Smythe that appeared in the Daily Mirror (and still does).  James Bolam brought the character to life in a one off series for ITV in 1988.

Watching this back it was a bold move to bring a cult newspaper cartoon to life on TV, but perhaps in retrospect it failed to live up to expectations.


Andy Capp is a working class layabout living in the North of England (Hartlepool to be exact, as this was the birthplace and home of creator Reg Smythe), whose life consists of drinking, sleeping, watching TV, betting, going to the pub and occasionally playing football.

His long suffering wife, Flo, is constantly annoyed by her lazy husband and frequently uses a rolling pin as a weapon.





James Bolam – Andy Capp
Paula Tilbrook – Flo Capp
Mike Savage – Bookie
Keith Smith – Chalkie
George Waring – Clifford
John Arthur – Jack
Jeremy Gittins – Keith
Andy Mulligan – Meredith
Ian Bleasdale – Milkie
Shirley Dixon – Mother-in-law
Richard Tate – Pawnbroker
Keith Marsh – Percy
Susan Brown – Ruby
Colette Stevenson – Shirley
Ian Thompson – The Vicar
Kevin Lloyd – Walter
Philip Lowrie – Mr Watson


Channel: ITV
Written By: Keith Waterhouse.
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 22 February – 28 March 1988


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