Love Thy Neighbour – The Movie, 1973

During the 1970’s many of the most popular sitcoms of the day made it to the big screen.

Perhaps one of the best film spin offs, Love Thy Neighbour took it’s turn in 1973. Starring the same cast as the popular TV show it produced some hilarious moments, some of which would almost certainly not make it to film or TV today, it took an already contraversial subject (race) and pushed it to it’s limits.  However once again both characters get equal points.  Who can forget Bill pretending he was turning back to the ways of the jungle, just as Eddie had always taunted him and putting Eddie in that pot with those vegetables, classic comedy.  then to keep it even when Eddie’s Mother comes home late his reaction is to blame Bill who he claims he’s ate her.

Watching this again brought tears of laughter to my eyes.


As with the TV series Eddie and Joan Booth live next door to Bill and Barbie Reynolds.  Only one problem whilst Joan and Barbie are best of friends Bill and Eddie are complete opposites in EVERYTHING including colour.

Unbeknown to their husbands Joan and Barbie decide to enter a Love Thy Neighbour competition to win a cruise, but how to get around the problem of their husbands – LIE !

To add to the problems Joan has her Mother In Law coming to stay and Barbie has her Father In Law Coming from Trinidad.  What will Bill and Eddie do when they realise their parents get on.


Both Trailers









Jack Smethurst – Eddie Booth
Rudolph Walker – Bill Reynolds
Nina Baden-Semper – Barbie Reynolds
Kate Williams – Joan Booth


Written By: Harry Driver & Vince Powell
Produced By: Roy Skeggs
Original UK Release Date: 26th August 1973


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  1. Tracy Mcfayden

    Just watched the full series it’s a shame that it stopped at 8 series. Have ordered the film. I read that in Jamaica the show is the number 1 show watched as they find it hilarious. Yes it’s not PC but it’s funny poking fun at both black and WHITE it’s about time some people stopped with the we are all racist and had a laugh. These days you can’t say anything without upsetting someone and been called a racist but back in the 70s and earlier 80s programs where funny and not boaring. Ad like to see these programs back on TV. I haven’t laughed so much since Mrs browns boys Christmas show. X


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