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Galton And Simpson’s Half Hour

Galton And Simpson’s Half Hour, 2009

Galton And Simpson’s Half Hour was the title given to a series of four radio plays broadcast by BBC Radio 2 in 2009 to celebrate the writers’ 40th anniversary.

The plays were adapted and updated for modern times by the writers and featured and all star cast.  They were broadcast on BBC Radio 2 over four successive Saturday afternoons in what was then a comedy slot.


You’ll Never Walk Alone

In this first episode, Frank Skinner stars as a football fanatic on his way to a Wembley Cup Final with his heavily pregnant wife and his best friend.

An early labour, an emergency stop and the disappearance of the priceless tickets lead to a comedic study in political incorrectness and male chauvinism.

Originally Transmitted: 7th March 2009


A Rolls Royce and a banger meet in a very narrow country lane, somewhere in Cornwall, and both drivers refuse to back up.

Between the AA, the RAC and the Cornish Constabulary a solution is finally found; temporarily. This second episode stars Mitchell & Webb.

Originally Transmitted: 14th March 2009

I Tell You It’s Burt Reynolds

In this penultimate episode comedy legends Rik Mayall and June Whitfield star.

A bitter, two-hour dispute erupts over the identity of a bit-part player in The Great Escape.

Originally Transmitted: 21st March 2009





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The Blood Donor

A true classic is the final episode of the series.  Paul Merton stars in this slight re-working of the Hancock classic.

When Arthur Bunclarke… with an E… does his patriotic duty by donating a pint of his blood, he is unaware until the prick of the needle that he was the proud possessor of one of the rarest blood groups in the world.

It turns out to be just as well as things turn  out.

Originally Transmitted: 28th March 2009


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Channel: BBC Radio 2
Written And Adapted By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By:
Carol Smith
Tessa Le Bars
Trevor Mc Callum