It’s makes you feel old when you recite that famous line “A Pint? Have you gone raving mad?” that famous episode still much loved today is part of the final series Tony Hancock did for the BBC and it’s 60 years ago.

Having had success in the 1950’s on both the radio and television, Hancock became anxious that his work with Sid James was turning them into a double act.  To this effect the 1960 series of Hancock’s Half Hour would be the last starring both Tony Hancock and Sid James.  Hancock would do one last series for the BBC in 1961 simply entitled Hancock.

For the final series Hancock made six twenty five minute episodes as opposed to the traditional thirty minutes he’d made in the past. Aside from the change in episode length, other changes were made for the final series.  Gone were the fromby hat and astracan fur collared coat, replaced by a trilby hat and mac.


Hancock finds himself in a variety of situations from the loneliness of living in bedsit land to doing somthing for his country – become a blood donor.

At the end of the series Hancock left he BBC to persue other projects and parted company with long term writers Galton and Simpson, sadly his career never recovered.








The Bedsitter
The Blood Donor
The Bowmans
The Radio Ham
The Lift
The Sucession, Son And Heir

Starring: Tony Hancock


Channel: BBC 1
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: Dennis Main Wilson
Original Transmission Dates: 26th May – 30th June 1961






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