Hancock’s Half Hour, The Economy Drive

With all the constant talk of cuts and osterity it reminded me of a little gem from Hancock’s Half Hour.

Taken from the start of the fifth television series there are whole host of classic Hancock moments alongside plenty of cutbacks.

Galton and Simpson’s scripts at their very best this episode is packed with non stop side splitting moments and some of that characteristic physical performance that was Tony Hancock’s trademark, some of the faces he pulls are enough to get the chuckle muscles working.


Returning from holiday Hancock discovers that leaving the cancellation arrangements to Sid was a costly mistake.

Finding the key behind the door “why didn’t you just leave a notice, gone away for 3 months come on in and help yourself” he tells Sid.  “It’d been cheaper if we had been burgled, at least they might have turned the lights out” protests Hancock.  From this to Sid proudly announcing that he did remember to have the phone cut off “the one thing you can leave on for free, and you have to pay to have it put back on!”

After making good progress with his cutbacks Hancock soon finds out that accidents can happen and that Sid isn’t the only one to forget…



Tony Hancock
Sid James
Patricia Hayes
Liz Fraser


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: Duncan Wood
Originally Transmitted: 25th September, 1959

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