Happy Birthday Mr Bean, 2021

Happy Birthday Mr Bean is a one off documentary made to mark 30 years since the first episode was broadcast in January 1990.

Has it really been 30 years? and on the back of the celebration rumours are beginning to surface that the character may make a return to TV screens.  The Sun newspaper has reported that co-writer Richard Curtis is working on a new version of the comedy favourite.  Time will tell.


A one off celebratory documentary looks back at the thirty years since comedy favourite Mr Bean landed on our screens.

With only 14 episodes ever made, explore the magic behind this hapless hero, who became a comedy icon that’s still making people laugh today.

With classic clips and interviews from key creators, including Rowan Atkinson, we find out how Mr Bean has gone on to become a global superstar with an animated series, two top grossing feature films and an online phenomenon, with more than 110 million online fans and growing.









Contributions From

Rowan Atkinson
Tony Robinson
Richard Curtis
Matilda Ziegler
Sally Phillips
Howard Goodall
Angus Deayton


Channel: ITV
Original Transmission Date: 10th January 2021

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