Heartburn Hotel, 1998

Heartburn Hotel.  One of the lesser known John Sullivan sitcom co-written with Steve Glover.

Heartburn Hotel ran for two series between 1998 and 2000.   Each series ran for six episodes with a Christmas Special in between.


Welcome to the Olympic Hotel, pre-named on the hope of the successful bid for the UK to host the 1992 Olympic Games.

Here we meet two old friends Harry Springer and Duggie Strachan, both of whom have seen military action during The Falklands War.

Both having moved back to Birmingham Harry now owns the Olympic Hotel, whilst Duggie is now a teacher.  Despite having been in the forces together Both men take opposing viewpoints in almost every matter.

It is this and the regular comings and goings of the hotel’s customers that provides the laughs.








Tim Healy
Clive Russell
Peter Gunn


Channel: BBC1
Written And Created By: Steve Glover and John Sullivan
Original Transmission Dates: 20th July 1998 – 28th July 2000


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