norman wisdom in his early years

Heroes Of Comedy

Heroes Of Comedy, 1995

Heroes Of Comedy was a British TV Documentary series that followed on from a feature length program previously screened in December 1992.

The series that followed began broadcasting in 1995 with what would be the first of 30 episodes over 7 series running until 2003.

For the episode on Max Miller, an animatronic Miller was created for the programme and performed by David Barclay, Dave Chapman and Mike Quinn.

The show was produced by Thames Television for Channel 4.


The series presented profiles of a wide range of well-known, classic names from the world of comedy.

Each episode focused on an individual comic or comedy act, profiling both their career and personal lives with anecdotes from family, friends, colleagues, and illustrated by video and audio clips of their work.










Series 1

Frankie Howerd
Tommy Cooper
Joyce Grenfell
Max Miller
Arthur Haynes
Terry Thomas

Series 2

Les Dawson
Kenny Everett
Alastair Sim
The Goons

Series 3

Benny Hill
Peter Cook
Arthur Askey
Tony Hancock

Series 4

Norman Wisdom
Ken Dodd
Eric Sykes
Thora Hird
Barry Humphries

Series 5

Kenneth Williams
Bernard Manning
Ronnie Barker
Leonard Rossiter

Series Six

Mike Yarwood
Sid James
Spike Milligan
Hattie Jacques
Ronnie Corbett
Dick Emery

Series Seven (1 episode only)

Max Wall


Channel: Channel 4
Written and Produced By: John Fisher
Production Company: Thames Television for Channel 4
Original Transmission Dates: 1st January 1995 – 2nd January 2003