Only When I Laugh, 1979

Only When I Laugh was the hit Sitcom made for ITV by Yorkshire Television,

Set in an NHS Hospital Men’s Surgical Ward,  the series ran for twenty nine episodes over four series.


The show revolves around the antics of three male patients on a men’s surgical ward.  From young Norman who is experiencing his first time in hospital, to seasoned pro and trouble maker Figgis and not forgetting Archie who plays up his illness.  All are a thorn in the side of their surgeon Mr Thorpe








Royston Figgis – James Bolam
Archie Glover – Peter Bowles
Norman Binns – Christopher Strauli
Mr Thorpe – Richard Wilson
Gupte – Derrick Branche


Written By: Eric Chappell
Produced By: Yorkshire Television
Channel: ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 29th October, 1979 – 16th December, 1982


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