The Beattie Ads 1987 – 1991

In between Buzby….


…..and Bob Hoskins, British Telecom ran one of it’s most successful ad campaigns starring actress Maureen Lipman as a Jewish grandmother Beattie.

Looking back, many of these ads were comedy gold, with many classic  moments including her ringing the shop to check if they had her size and after quizzing the poor shop assistant she comments that it’s not all the rage, resulting in the assistant throttling a nearby shop dummy, her reluctance to buy a dishwasher as it wasn’t good enough for Mrs Jones and her reassuring comments to her grandson Anthony over his exam results.


As a way of promoting better use of the phone each ad was a separate story tied to the particular service or use of the phone being plugged.  The results were sometimes touching but more often than not hilarious.


Here’s a selection of Beattie:









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