In Tribute To Ian Lavender

Dads Army – The Deadly Attachment – 1973

In tribute to Ian Lavender whose death was announced earlier this week he was aged 77.

Over the next few days we pay tribute to Ian Lavender starting with his most famous work in Dad’s Army: The Deadly Attachment.  Ian Lavender was clearly the star in this much loved episode and his lines have gone down in sitcom history.

When you ask anybody their most memorable classic comedy moments the scenes between Arthur Lowe’s Captain Mainwaring and Philip Madoc’s captured German U-Boat commander and Ian Lavender’s Private Pike is never far from the most popular.

It doesn’t matter what your favourite comedy is or how many times you see or hear this scene you still laugh, I wonder how many recent comedies will still have the same effect in thirty years time?


The platoon is ordered to guard the crew of a sunken U-Boat until the escort arrives – but when the escort is delayed, they must guard them all night. They insist on being fed only the finest fish and chips and make it known that they will be held accountable after the war.

When Pike sings whistle while you work, the German Commander tells him his name will also go on the list and asks for his name, Captain Mainwaring orders him “don’t tell him Pike”



Arthur Lowe
Ian Lavender
Philip Madoc


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
Original Transmission Date: 31st October 1973