Emu’s World

Emu’s World, 1982

It’s the One With The Pink Windmill….

Two years after the end of the BBC TV show Emu’s Broadcasting Company it was off to ITV.  Emu’s world ran until 1988 with a few changes over the years.

For Emu’s World, Rod Hull wears a pink top hat and tails, Rod and Emu live in a pink windmill and we meet Grotbags, a green witch.

Despite the move to ITV Rod Hull and his puppet still made occasional special programs for the BBC.

In 1984 after 5 series had aired the show morphed into Pink Windmill show.  The series first aired in 1984 and was televised live.  The second series which followed in 1985 was also broadcast live. Thereafter, the series was pre-recorded (until it was eventually cancelled in 1988) airing simply as Emu’s Pink Windmill Show.  There were the customary Christmas and Easter Specials.

Emu’s World took it’s final bow after returning as Emu’s World in 1988.


The premise of the show was simple: each week Grotbags threatened and tried to steal Hull’s aggressive arm length puppet Emu so that once captured, she would be able to use its “special powers” to control all the “brats” in the world.

When the Series morphed into Pink Windmill show it carried on from Emu’s world, but the format also featured viewer phone-ins, as well as a segment in Grotbags’ grotto where selected members of the audience were offered the chance to win prizes, and lots of singing and dancing, and this show achieved enormous popularity during its early years.

The show is probably now most fondly remembered for Rod Hull’s catchphrase “There’s somebody at the door, there’s somebody at the door” every time a visitor rang the doorbell (which ‘sneezed’ loudly when pressed) at the Pink Windmill’s entrance.

This format continued through changing names until the show’s eventual cancellation in 1988.















Rod Hull – Himself
Grotbags – Carol – Lee – Scott


Channel: ITV
Produced By: Colin Claws
Transmission Details:
Emu’s World

Series 1: 6 editions from 5 January 1982 – 9 February 1982
Series 2: 5 editions from 27 October 1982 – 24 November 1982
Series 3: 6 editions from 2 March 1983 – 6 April 1983
Series 4: 5 editions from 7 September 1983 – 5 October 1983
Special: Emu’s World at Christmas – 21 December 1983
Series 5: 6 editions from 9 March 1984 – 13 April 1984
Special: Emu at Easter: 20 April 1984
Series 6: 13 editions from 12 May 1988 – 4 August 1988

The Pink Windmill Show

Series 1: 7 editions from 13 July 1984 – 24 August 1984
Emu at Christmas – 25 December 1984
Series 2: 13 editions from 12 April 1985 – 5 July 1985

Emu’s Pink Windmill Show

Series 1: 10 editions from 14 February 1986 – 25 April 1986
Emu at Christmas – 26 December 1986

Emu’s Wide World

Series 1: 9 editions from 3 April 1987 – 5 June 1987
Series 2: 8 editions from 3 November 1987 – 4 January 1988