The Dawson Watch, 1979

It ‘s hard to believe this show is The Dawson Watch was  a BBC sketch show starring the much missed Les Dawson.   It ran for nineteen episodes between 1979 and 1980.

Despite the popularity of Les Dawson this is a show that seems to have been forgotten about.  Not always mentioned in lists of his shows and like many of the comics shows does not benefit from regular repeats.  Although it was repeated in the mid 1990’s on UK GOLD.

It ‘s hard to believe this show is now forty years old.


Each week The Dawson Watch would have a different theme.  Around this theme Les Dawson performs in a variety of short sketches and stand up comedy.







Les Dawson
joined different weeks by others including:

Roy Barraclough
Gordon Peters
Daphne Oxenford
April Walker
Vicki Michelle


Channel: BBC1
Written By:
Les Dawson
Terry Ravenscroft
Ian Davidson
Tom Magee Englefield
Andy Hamilton
Colin Bostock-Smith
Original Transmission Dates: 23rd February 1979 – 27th December 1980

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