Love Thy Neighbour, Christmas 1975

A festive episode of one of the most controversial sitcoms from the 1970’s.

First shown in 1975 ‘Christmas Spirit’ was the third episode of series 8 the final series.


Eddie, Jacko and Arthur have a meeting at the club to vote for the dart’s captain for the upcoming Christmas tournament.

Bill comes in and puts his name forward so they decide on a drinking contest.

Afterwards Eddie goes home and finds himself to sleeping on the couch.  He dreams they are all on a desert isle and he is the dinner, and Bill is the king.

They win the darts match and Eddie gives the trophy to Bill.







Eddie Booth – Jack Smethurst
Bill Reynolds – Rudolph Walker
Joan Booth – Kate Williams
Barbie Reynolds – Nina Baden-Semper


Channel: ITV
Created By: Vince Powell and Harry Driver
Written By: Sid Colin
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1975

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