Love Thy Neighbour, Christmas 1975

Love Thy Neighbour, Christmas 1975

A festive episode (the only official Christmas themed episode) of one of the most controversial sitcoms from the 1970’s.

First shown in 1975 ‘Christmas Spirit’ was the third episode of series 8, the final series.


Eddie, Jacko and Arthur are having a meeting at the club to vote for which of them will be ‘dart’s captain’ for the upcoming Christmas tournament.  As captain of the previous two tournaments Eddie puts his name forward.

As the meeting is under way Bill comes in and objects to Eddie’s nomination.  Bill puts his name forward .  Eddie claims to be superior at everything, so Bill Challenges him to a drinking contest.

Afterwards Eddie goes home and finds himself to sleeping on the couch.  He dreams they are all on a desert isle and he is the dinner, and Bill is the king.

They win the darts match and Eddie gives the trophy to Bill.









Eddie Booth – Jack Smethurst
Bill Reynolds – Rudolph Walker
Joan Booth – Kate Williams
Barbie Reynolds – Nina Baden-Semper


Channel: ITV
Created By: Vince Powell and Harry Driver
Written By: Sid Colin
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1975