Maggie And Her, 1978

Maggie And Her was an ITV sitcom produced by London Weekend Television.

It ran for two series between 1978 and 1979, after a 1976 a pilot episode, entitled Poppy A Her.  Including the pilot episode there were fourteen episodes.

The only real difference between the pilot episode and series is that in the pilot Maggie is Poppy.


Julia Mc Kenzie stars as Maggie, a divorced schoolteacher living on her own in a block of flats in London. Legendary comedy battleaxe Irene Handl is “her” – Maggie’s nosy next-door neighbour Mrs P.

Thanks to Mrs P’s  constant interference Maggie is never really alone.

She lives in hope of eventually meeting Mr Right, but Mrs P’s clumsy interventions are sure to nip any potential romance in the bud…





Julia Mc Kenzie
Irene Handl


Channel: ITV
Created By: Leonard Webb
Produced By: London Weekend Television
Original Transmission Dates: 13th January 1978 – 27th May 1979

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