Oh No ! It’s Selwyn Frogitt – 1974

It’s Funny how you remember things.  I used to love Oh No It’s Selwyn Frogitt and well remember it being used as part of an English class when I was younger.  The teacher was very fond of using Selwyn’s Mother’s phrase “Don’t open the cupboard, things fall out” to teach us about speech marks.

This Yorkshire Television classic ran for twenty two episodes over three series from 1974 – 1977.  Oh No It’s Selwyn Froggitt was created by RoyClarke, of Last Of The Summer Wine  fame, although due to other writing commitments he only wrote the pilot episode.


The series is set in the fictional Yorkshire Town of Scarsdale, and centres around the bungling exploits of Selwyn Froggitt, a burly, balding, good-natured council labourer.

Usually to be found clad in a donkey jacket with a copy of the Times newspaper rolled up in his pocket, although was hardly ever seen reading it, preferring to tell people that “There was an article about it in the Times”)

On the committee of the Scarsdale Working Man’s Club, Selwyn serves as concert secretary in charge of booking ‘turns’.  Unfortunately like everything he turns his hand to it usually ends up in disaster.







Bill Maynard – Selwyn Froggitt
Megs Jenkins – Mrs Froggitt
Robert Keegan – Maurice Froggitt
Rosemary Martin – Vera Parkinson (Series1)
Lynda Baron – Vera Parkinson (Series 2&3)
Richard Davies – Clive
Bill Dean – Jack
Harold Goodwin – Harry
Robrt Mort – Ray


Channel: ITV
Created By: Roy Clarke
Written By: Alan Plater
Original Transmission Dates: 30th September 1974 – 27th December 1977


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  1. Quinny

    Hi is there anybody out there who knows which house was used in the fiming of Selwyns home or the SWMC ? I know (or am lead to believe it ‘s in Skelmanthorpe ….

    • admin

      We’ve looked about, and the most info that seems to be in the public domain is exactly what you already have, can’t think of anywhere else you might get the info you’re looking for as Yorkshire TV who made the series is now defunct. It’s a long shot but you could try and see if any of the cast are on twitter and see if you can get the info that way. Or try emailing Ken Bruce at Radio 2, ken.bruce@bbc.co.uk, he frequently starts these conversations off on his morning show, perhaps one of the listeners might be able to fill in the blanks. Good luck.


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