Marty, 1968

Marty Fieldman was until 1967 perhaps best known as a comedy writer.  When he became part of the cast of At Last The 1948 Show.  Fresh from the success of this came Fieldman’s first TV series in his own right.

‘Marty’ appeared on TV screens in 1968 and was a hit with viewers.  This lead to a second series in 1969.  For the second series  the show was titled “It’s Marty’.  Twelve episodes were made in total.

A dance routine that appeared in one of the show’s sketches was choreographed by Lionel Blair.  The sketch earned Barry Took and Marty Feldman an award which was presented by another comedy legend; Kenneth Horne.

The series won three BAFTAS and A Writers Guild Of Great Britain award all in 1969.


The show was a series of sketches written by some of the best known writers of the time.








Main Cast

Marty Feldman
John Junkin
Tim Brooke-Taylor
Roland Mc Leod


Channel: BBC!
Written By:
Marty Feldman
Barry Took
John Junkin
Tim Brooke – Taylor
Graham Chapman
Terry Jones
Peter Dickinson
Phillip Jenkinson
John Cleese
Donald Webster
Michael Palin
John Law
Frank Muir
Dennis Nordan
Produced By: Dennis Main Wilson
Original Transmission Dates: 29th April 1968 – 13th January 1969


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