George and Mildred, 1976

Almost certainly one of ITV’s all time classics, George and Mildred was produced for ITV by Thames Television.

A spin off from the popular Man About The House it starred Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce, as ill-matched married couple, George and Mildred Roper.


George and Mildred Roper are forced to leave their old house after receiving a compulsory purchase order from the Council. They move to 46 Peacock Crescent in the upmarket area of Hampton Wick.

Their arrival is greeted with mixed reactions by the neighbours.  Jeffrey Fourmile, a Conservative supporting, snobbish Estate Agent feels they are bringing down the tone of the neighbourhood and is greatly irritated by Labour supporting George.  However, his down to earth wife Ann welcomes them and becomes friends with Mildred.

They have a young son called Tristram, who gets on well with George and Mildred.  In series three a second child called Tarquin is born to the Fourmiles.

Other characters making regular appearances were: Mildred’s snobbish sister Ethel and her wealthy husband Humphrey, Mildred’s Mother.

George’s friend jack-of-all-trades, Jerry also visits from time to time, much to Mildred’s annoyance.

In the first series, George buys Mildred a Yorkshire Terrier who she names Truffles.







George Roper – Brian Murphy
Mildred Roper – Yootha Joyce
Jeffrey Fourmile – Norman Eshley
Ann Fourmile – Sheila Fearn
Tristram Fourmile  – Nicholas Bond-Owen
Tarquin Fourmile (from series 3) Simon Lloyd
Ethel Pumphrey – Avril Elgar
Humphrey Pumphrey- Reginald Marsh
Mildred’s Mother – Gretchen Franklyn
Jerry – Roy Kinnear


Channel: ITV
Created And Written By: Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke
Original Transmission Dates: 6th September 1976 – 25th December 1979


During 1977, Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce, joined at one stage by Reginald Marsh, toured in a successful stage version of the program. Following the fifth TV series a feature film version of the series was produced. Unlike the TV Series the film was neither a critical or a box office success.


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