Miranda is the popular BBC TV comedy series that to date has ran for eighteen episodes over three series.  It is believed there will be a fourth series although not until 2015 at the earliest.

Series 1 aired in November 2009 after being well received as a TV Pilot and BBC Radio 2 series Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop.


Desperate to fit in, despite her public school background making her a bit of a misfit, especially compared to childhood rival Tilly and the rest of ‘the girls’ (not least because she’s a foot taller than them all). Miranda can’t seem to quite grasp how to behave socially and constantly fails to avoid embarrassing situations, especially around men, in particular Gary  her old friend from Uni.

A constant disappointment to her mother Penny and lacking any real capacity or interest for business, Miranda employs her childhood friend Stevie  to manage her joke shop.  It is here that Miranda is at her happiest, playing with anything from Pirate Hats to fart machines.

It doesn’t matter what Miranda attempts in life – be it dating, trying to cancel her gym membership, or simply dealing with her overbearing mother – she always seems to fall flat, quite literally, and is incapable of leaving a room without knocking something over.



Miranda Hart – Miranda
Sarah Hadland – Stevie
Tom Ellis – Gary
Penny – Patricia Hodge
Sally Phillips – Tilly


Channel: BBC2
Created By: Miranda Hart
Written By:
Miranda Hart
James Cary
Richard Hurst
Paul Kerensa

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  1. Kate Reeve-Edwards

    I have posted this comment to ask to use the picture above as part of a school project on miranda hart.

    • admin

      The images don’t belong to us but as long you’re not using the images for commercial reasons you should be fine.


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