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Monty Python Live (Mostly)

Monty Python Live (Mostly) 2014

It’s never been 10 years?  Almost, in July this year it will be 10 years since that Monty Python final reunion show!

Also known as Monty Python live (Mostly): One Down Five To Go.  This 2014 series of reunion shows staged at the o2 in London had it’s final night screened on digital TV channel GOLD and in cinemas around around the world.  However this was all a world away from the original concept.

In 2013 the Pythons had lost a legal to Mark Forstater who produced the Holy Grail film.  The case was over a dispute over royalties for the musical based on the film: Spamalot.

When the Pythons racked up a combined £800,000 in legal fees a re-union show was proposed in order to clear the bill.


It soon became clear that demand was going to be far higher than they expected with tickets selling out in under forty five seconds.  As a result one show became a series of ten shows.  It would be the first time the Pythons had performed together in thirty four years and the first without Graham Chapman (who died in 1989).

The shows proved to be more successful than any of the Pythons could have hoped for.  They allowed the settlement of the legal bill, put a reported £2.2 million in each of their pockets and substantial donations to selected charities.

To date these shows have been their last.


Live on stage at the o2 in London  five surviving Pythons performed their most famous sketches, updated to include contemporary references, interspersed with archive original footage from the TV show featuring Graham Chapman.  Carol Cleveland who appeared in many of the original TV episodes, assisted by playing additional characters, as did newcomer Samuel Holmes, who was given several lead roles, some of which were originally played by Chapman.

There were a few surprise cameos including Eddie Izzard, Mike Myers, Professors Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking and Stephen Fry.  Who all appeared in the ‘Blackmail Sketch’.






John Cleese
Terry Gilliam
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Michael Palin


Graham Chapman (archive footage)

Also Featuring

Carol Cleveland
Samuel Holmes


Written And Conceived By:
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Terry Gilliam
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Michael Palin
Venue: O2, London
TV Channel: UKTV G.O.L.D
TV Transmission Date: 20th July 2014