Morecambe And Wise, Night Train To Murder, 1984

And this is where the story ends.  Night Train To Murder was the last work that Eric and Ernie worked on together before Eric’s sad death in 1984.

The move back from the BBC to ITV Thames was a much publicised event in 1978.  One of the big lures was to make films, moving away from their traditional format that people had grown up with.

Shot largely on location and featuring a whole host of well known character actors.  The original film featured a laughter track, this was removed from the version put on general release.

Surprisingly it was six years between moving to Thames Television and Night Train To Murder’s general release.  Completed in late 1983, it was not released until after Eric’s death in 1984

The swansong to a glittering career, spanning over forty years it was not well received by critics, many who felt that it had an overly-complicated plot.  However, popular or not, it serves as a lasting tribute to two of Britain’s greatest comedians.


When family members begin dying in strange circumstances, Eric and Ern become drawn into a 1940’s style murder mystery after Eric’s niece Kathy (Lysette Anthony) is visited by the family’s lawyer, played by Fulton Mackay.

The final scene would be the last time Morecambe and Wise would appear together on screen.  A quietly touching moment that sees Eric and Ernie walking off together, onto the next gig.




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Eric Morecambe as Eric Morecambe
Ernie Wise as Ernie Wise
Margaret Courtenay as Dame Flora
Kenneth Haigh as Cousin Milton / Cousin Homer
Fulton Mackay as Mackay
Pamela Salem as Cousin Zelda
Lysette Anthony as Kathy Chalmers
Roger Brierley as Chief Superintendent Rivers
Edward Judd as Knife Thrower
Ben Aris as Theatre Manager
Tony Boncza as Joe
Frank Coda … Stage Manager
Mike Crane … Big Jim (as Big Mike Crane)
Robert Longden … Vicar
Penny Meredith … Mrs. Manzini
Tim Stern … Tiny Big Jim
Richard Vernon as Uncle Felix


Channel: ITV
Idea Conceived By: Jack Hobbs and Rod McLaren
Written By:
Joseph McGrath 
Eric Morecambe
Ernie Wise  
Produced By: Thames Television
Directed By: Joseph McGrath
Original Transmissio Date:: 3rd January 1985


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