The Man From Auntie 1990 – 1994

This was the series that brought Ben Elton to the front of the screen, as opposed to being a writer.  Ben Elton: The Man from Auntie was the BBC comedy series written and performed by Ben Elton that aired for two series of twelve episodes between 1990 and 1994.


The series was primarily Ben Elton performing his stand up routines with his monologues interspersed with occasional filmed sketches and parodies.

There were also short interruptions from chinface “potato heads” and “Farties Guides” to such tasks as catching a train or setting up home — Elton described “Farties” as “you and me” — ordinary people endeavouring to make it through life despite the efforts of entities such as the “body conspiracy” and the Ministry of Crap Design.







Starring: Ben Elton


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Ben Elton
Produced By: Geoffrey Perkins
Originally Transmitted: 15th February 1990 – 10th March 1994


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